Crypto desposit bonus

Could I get mine looked at when someone had a free moment. It was the weekly exclusive bonus missing spins and points.

The weekly btc rewards can take up to 48 hours to credit to accounts.

Are you aware of people are receiving them at all yet? It seems to be missing across the sister sites.

Not that i’m aware of but the terms do state up to 48 hours

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I don’t understand why the system cannot be worked to give them same day… its ridiculous. I used to work fast food, people wanna eat right now, like used to sell drugs, people wanna get high right now… I don’t get it, I won’t even have internet past tomorrow… I deposited, I obviously wanna play, but yeah sure 2 days later is cool too guess… but idk… sorry I’m really not one to ever bitch, but this is silly to make someone wait two days when what I’m waiting for was the only reason I choose to deposit with this casino. Pr

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Generally they are, however the terms do state up to 48 hours.
We will take a look for any issues one the timeframe is met, but likely they will be issued today I hope.

I made crypto deposits and never received any deposit bonuses

Hi, ,what bonus were you expecting? Or what is missing?

100% match for deposits

I was supposed to get 100% deposit matches

Are you referring to this * Bonus Redeemed: Weekly Double Up

I’m seeing no deposit made after you redeemed that at 05/22/2022 05:32 AM ET

Okay so yeah I don’t know what’s going on but I don’t have no more bonuses to match on my account if I make a deposition which whatever cuz I guess go with the floor but I still have a 25 dollar reward and $500 number because I tried to get 25% and I’m going to pay me so if I didn’t touch it I would have got one of those on it and because if they buy the expire that’s not fair or something because like I don’t understand what just doing n****** explaining to me because it’s not making no sense@nick

Can you clarify here what bonus you are missing?

@moderators Can someone please look at my account as well? I stopped receiving all deposit bonuses around mid-week last week (my rewards have sat empty ever since). Today, 2 of my friends automatically received the regular weekly “CRYPTO-EXCLUSIVE-SL” bonus (250% and 35X), yet I still have zero deposit bonuses. I’d like to deposit ASAP, so please manually add one and/or message me back. Thanks.

I usually receive my new bonus offers on Mondays, but there aren’t any. Where are the Bitcoin Exclusive bonuses?

I have addressed this HERE and will hopefully have some more information by tomorrow.

I am missing my 250% crypto bonus and Btc exclusive bonus. What’s going on now??

I’m missing the 150% Daily Crypto Double Up code and the weekly Crypto Exclusive 250% code. Contacted support and they were super unhelpful. What’s going on here?

Note that the program has changed recently