Crypto desposit bonus

made a deposit, but i had fund on account already. its making me use the funds first before it goes to bonus. sup?

Yes, the order of funds is automatic. When you use a deposit bonus the order of funds when playing first comes from withdrawable cash, then locked cash and lastly your bonus


Hi @Derek

I’m not seeing the daily crypto deposit bonus again. Can you ease check on this? It has happened 3 days in a row where it is not automatically there to redeem so something must’ve happened during the update to cause this. Thank you.

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@kman0207 We’ll look into that. Its been added in the meantime

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Awesome thank you! I think its stopped showing up this week so it might just be a simple line of code or something that happened during the update :slight_smile:

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Same thing here. No bonuses showing up whatsoever. Hasn’t been for days… help? :frowning:

We can see that you forfeited the Daily CRYPTO Double Up: 150% up to $500. Would you like it added again?

Neither for me all week there’s been an issue

Hey @Mike730,

Are you able to claim it now from your Rewards Page please?

Yes thank you

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Sure. What happened to the 200% with 35x?

Bonuses may be added/removed at the discretion of our Promotions Team. Please check out your account for any new Bonuses they may issue from time to time.

Still I’m not seeing 200% crypto exclusive bonus like I usually do. I’m not saying the daily either oh. What’s going on?

I think this was removed, but the 150% should be available now.

I’ve been trying to get in touch with someone from chat the last several days and I cannot get through. I received the text message stating that I had 20 free spins instant Inferno and when I go to my bonus action there’s nothing there. I have a copy of the text message if you want to see

And I’ve been having continuous issues with reels and wheels and big cash wins oh, I keep wanting to reload Independence pain and there’s no stopping it so it pretty much freezes and I have to restart the entire session, thus losing money un the process :frowning: help?

I see you’ve already redeemed the spins and played them on 4/28/22 at 6:54pm ET

I don’t remember but what’s going on with the vanes freezing up? I have to reload ALL the time & it’s gotten so bad I had to logout, if I was lucky enough to get to the login/logout section

This would’ve just been sent again as a last notification incase you didn’t use them.