Slots are so tight it’s ridiculous

Is it me?! Haven’t had a decent Win in months


Me either. This is no fun anymore :rage:


I’m not alone !


I can definitely agree with you hopefully maybe they might hit us with something special I don’t know that maybe they can maybe treat different people better especially with loyalty or something


Same. Haven’t had a decent hit since May, before that many months again. Sucks.


I do not enjoy at all anymore. When you go 20-30 spins or even 20-30 dollars and don’t hit anything, not even 0.06$ it takes all the fun out of playing. I used to recommend this site to my friends but now I have nothing but negative feedback and I recommend other platforms that I play that have daily wins instead. Cash out has been a nightmare using not to mention being locked out of deposits until the withdrawal goes through? The new progressive games just seem like a new way to hook people and only pay out minimally.

100% dissatisfied. Which is disappointing because I really used to like playing here. :pensive:


DUDE. Right?! All I do here is lose money. I seriously can’t even win on the practice module.

Attention management: people like playing online slots when there is a possibility that they’ll WIN MONEY. Even if it’s occasionally!

People stop playing when they know giving you their money is always a losing proposition.

I just imagine some rich…people…laughing at posts like this as they count all the money we lost to them.

Eventually greed gets the better of most people. After those “DDOS” attacks the RTPs tanked.


Y’all not the only ones… its here too. Usually, I just take the good with the bad…even losses, so long as the 'play’is there and entertaining. I figure mutually beneficial… But when it obviously isnt, it always accompanied with reel changes… longer/faster spins among other ‘clitches’. I’ll burn $20-30 in minutes somtimes, just to see if they’ll run me to 0, and 99.99% of the time they/it does. Also, and it may be me and something I’m overlooking, but you know something off when your not able to share the last post here on fb.

and lastly, I concur 100% w/Nofunanymore…they speakin the truff

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So I was having the same issues starting back in May. I literally would deposit money and it was gone in minutes without any unreasonable bet. I normally deposited $80-$100 at a time and bet ~.50c/spin. One day I was losing it so fast that I didn’t even realize that I had lost over $2k. Prior to May, I could stretch $200 out all weekend and play.

On Monday I swore this was the last of my money I was giving to them. I was below $30 and then I hit a jackpot on wheels for $3700 on .20c bet. I immediately cashed out $3500 as quickly as I could and then started losing again. I was down ~$500 yesterday, but then my luck turned again and I slowly built up to $1400 more. No jackpots and I believe largest single win was $250.

I’m still skeptical, but it is starting to feel possible to win again the past 2 days. fingers crossed

Lol me either I can’t even win on the practice mode. When I fist started playing this site it was good. Since February haven’t won nothing and why do I keep putting money in this site when there is others that give out cool bonuses everyday I barley get 1 a week. I don’t use Bitcoin unless when I cash out.

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Xl or regular wheels

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I finally got a decent keno hit a few weeks back and withdrew, then the next morning I was un-hosted lol. :rofl:

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It was the xl wheel that I hit jackpot

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There’s a casino 10 miles from my house. Went in the other night … only pulled out one $20 and in 45 minutes walked out with over $300 playing several machines. I used to do better online but that has definitely changed. There are 4 or 5 online casinos I regularly play. The slots have been abnormally tight at every one for a while now. I didn’t think it had anything to do with crypto crashing but now I definitely do.


100% agree. Across the board…all online casinos have significantly tightened up their slots. It’s nearly impossible to meet the play through requirements of any bonus. Eventually, most people, will or have taken enough punishment to stop patronizing all of them. It’s there only lifeline since the crypto crash.

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This place as well as their sister sites are rigged to the point it’s noticeable. And they can claim it’s not and states it’s RNG. But as said online, curaçao does not get involved with casinos and customers issues. So they can operate anyway they want while holding an “official” license

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I completely agree. One needs to be exceptionally lucky to clear a bonus and/or play for a reasonable amount of time before losing every last dime.

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Before their “cyber attack” I would confidently say, you will lose some and you would win some. But 8 months plus with zero withdrawal is ridiculous. I use deposit 100’s now I do 40$ max. But it got to the point where you can’t win more than 20$ on a feature round.

Yep everything has. Been for the worse sense the cyber atttacks

We all know there was no attack. Bitcoin crashed and they had to figure out a way to make sure they kept us from winning. An attack happened and next thing you know, they dropped the HDJ. Which I spent countless money and time on and have yet seen more than 1 symbol