No Cashback for Tuesday

Hi I haven’t received my Tuesday cashback yet.

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If you’re eligible it’ll be issued in about 3hrs from now, at least that’s the time I get it every week

Ohhhh it’s a Tuesday thing?! I have always wondered what the deal was with it. What makes you eligible?

This has not been issued yet, but should be soon if eligible.

I haven’t seen mine yet, can you confirm nothings changed I should be eligible I lost plenty last week

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It hasn’t been issued yet, but there’s been no reports that it’s down either which at this time is usually a good sign.

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Okay. Because things are bad enough as is, least the site can do is handle the cashback on time with all the problems and tight gameplay

Edit - nothing against mod team but I can feel it already….

“Sorry we’re experiencing issues dispensing cashback” coming any hour now

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Hour past normal issuance,

safe to assume we won’t see them today?

I have reached out to my promotions team to double check


I haven’t received mine ever as far as I’m concerned. I don’t ever really recall receiving any kind of cashback bonus… is there a way to check and see if I’m eligible to receive?

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You would see it there

Why do some people get ot and some don’t? On cafe casino I have the weekly cashback

The cashback perk is account specific and determined by our Promotions Team

Any update on when it will show up?

It has already been issued. Your withdrawals since the last issuance are higher than your deposits, so you weren’t eligible unfortunately.

Am I the only one that can’t login? Nothing happens I click login

There are still some players having intermittent issues. Though generally if following basic troubleshooting you can generally eventually login. I do understand that’s not exactly ideal and we are of course working to get this under control.

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I just got mine! The site still has frequent/random issues with login and games though.

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I’ve done all the troubleshooting steps and have tried desktop and both mobile using both WiFi and data

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Wow, there is a cash back? I guess since I lose every week for a year now, I should be eligible for something with machines this tight… geez, straight down the drain constantly