Monday cash back?

I had started playing a week ago as my friend told me about how he won here and so I started playing. I was under the impression that we got casback on mondays and if I use crypto currency’s only that I would get some back for that as well. Well I got nothing today and I’m a little confused. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.


Hi @Robert68 welcome to the community.
There is a cashback programme that pays cashback every Tuesday depending on losses.
This however is only available for certain accounts within the crypto lock programme. Unfortunately your account wouldn’t be eligible for cashback
You can see all of your available rewards here

Well I signed up for that when I started and never got approved for some reason??? Can you help with that because at this point I feel pretty down about all this as I have deposited a lot of money with no wins or anything good.

I just reapplied again, Does the system go back and see all my deposits and reward them or how does that work??

You can upgrade through the website link here
It typically takes around 24-48 hours for them to approve it.
The rewards are a weekly thing and will start from when you are approved into the programme.
As previously advised you will only be eligible for the rewards you can see advertised on the crypto landing page on the website (where you upgrade)

Just to circle back here @Robert68 I can see you have now been accepted and your account is enrolled in the programme.

Am I eligible for cashback?

Unfortunately this isn’t one of your program benefits.

I haven’t gotten cash back in forever. I used to get at least a little something, but haven’t gotten anything in a while.

This would be based on your withdrawals being higher then your deposits since your last cashback

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@Nick am I eligible for this Tuesday money back promo? It’s the first I’ve heard of it. I’m in the crypto exclusive program. And I know I’ve lost 90% of all my deposits. Tell me more.

Your account is not eligible for this unfortunately.

@Nick do you mind letting me know what does qualify an account for such a thing as Monday cash backs?

Cashback is issued on Tuesdays, it is a part of the crypto exclusive program, however it is only on selected accounts, this is not something most players would receive.

@Nick @admins @Elijah i would still appreciate some clarity on how accounts are chosen to be part of the Tuesday cash back. If they are chosen out of the crypto exclusive opt in l, I was one of the early accounts that opted in once that promo was available. So I’m just curious what my account doesn’t have that keeps me from this perk.
Because if it’s a ratio of $ amount lost to $ amount withdrawn then I should be a sure fire shoo-in lol

@Blair_jr the eligibility to different benefits may change. Your account is not eligible for the cashback at this moment.

@Elijah everyone keeps telling me I’m not eligible but nobody can tell me what the requirements are!! Are you guys throwing names at a dart board blind folded or are there monetary stipulations that must be met? To be giving out money you guys sure do keep this close to your chest. Guess it’s like Fight Club. 1st rule of Tuesday Cash Back don’t talk about Tuesday Cash Back.

This is not something we can provide specific details on, as it is something the marketing team deal with.
A lot of promotions are tailored differently for certain accounts.

Such a typical response from you guys. Can’t provide any helpful information at all, just can guarantee that its a no and you cant do it. This is how you guys deal with everything. Its such a joke. Does my account qualify? Cus i bet im one of your most loyal players. But you guys dont do shit for me ever. Not even on my birthday yesterday.

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This is how the handle everything man. Get use to it. It sucks.