Keno Technical Issue

Keno needs to be fixed too


@Claroque92 can you please advise what issue you are having with keno?
I have just tested it and it appears to be working fine.

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After a free rounds it says general error and makes me reload the page and than continues top not reload the page properly

Can you send us a screenshot please so we can get it checked for you.


Is anyone else having this issue? We haven’t had any other common reports so we would ask @Claroque92 that you perform our basic troubleshooting steps. Please clear your cache and cookies, ensure you’re using Google Chrome and if this is Chrome then try another browser to see if it persists or use Incognito mode and see if it helps, ensure you’re on a strong internet connection, and try another device. If all this still shows this error let us know please and anyone else who sees this let us know.

This happens to me every once in a while. I had problems with this earlier this year on a sister site and it continues to happen so I just assumed it’s a game issue everywhere. The problem is it takes your money when that general error message comes up so it gets annoying.

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Yeah it happens to me on keno quite a bit also it always has since ive been playing on slotslv

Right. I did all that troubleshooting and it still happens

I have just tested this and it’s working fine this end, I’m seeing no issues and was able to play ok.
Can you please clear cache and cookies and also try a different browser, and let us know if you are still having an issue?

I have done that many times already and it still does it.

And it’s still doing it now?

Yes. It does it every time i play. Not on every spin but every time i play

I will send a ticket to have it checked for you, but it’s likely a connection or a browser issue. I have seen no reports of any issues at this time.

This has been sent for you, we will circle back when we have any response from the Casino Team.

Now 777 deluxe and reels and wheels xl dont work. It just keeps saying page does not exist

Checking this now

Will update on this page

It didnt do it this time ive been playing keno for a couple hours and everythings been fine I only had the reload message pop up once

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It’s always been about. Every 30 to 40 spins and the error reload message would pop up it really throws off your rhythm…but I really love keno so id just reload it and keep playing …all together id say its happened to me 4 or 5 hundred times since ive been playing here at Slotslv…only once this morning