Keno Technical Issue

Feel free to give us something for our trouble I’m sure none of us would be mad at you if you did lol


Thank you @Djames37, we’ve added you to the support ticket as well. Once we hear back we’ll respond here and if there is anything we can do we will do so once resolved as well.

Right lol that’s be nices

Ok thank you Derek

I am having the same issue

Have you tried to clear your cache and cookies and continue to get the same error? Also any difference if you try on another browser?

I’ve done all that. It’s happened so many times I can’t count. I’ve been dealing with it for at least a year.

Can you send us a screenshot of the error or any screen recording if possible and we’ll let our support team know

Yes I will. I wish I had a free chip to play for the inconvenience and for being loyal. I’m sure it will happen and I can send you a picture of the issue.

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keno has been doing that here for awhile now…its so annoying…even after cache cleared etc game loses connection…unless that was the winning spin when it does that! lol

Had the same issue at one point, would auto play 10 rounds and before it could finish the 10, ot would prompt to reload game. Don’t have the issue as much anymore but I have not changed browser nor cleared cache etc etc. Just giving my 2 cents.

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