Easter Giveaway

As promised last week; we’ll have another giveaway this week. 2 winners will be drawn at random and each will receive a $75 bonus.

To join the giveaway, let us know what you would play if you won the $75.

Winners will be drawn tomorrow at 1pm ET.


Reels and wheels xl

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probably reels and wheels XL as well :money_mouth_face:

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I’d find something I haven’t played before. Need to try something new.

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I have slots ADD… I will jump around to numerous games…

Reels xl or gods of Luxor

Definitely reels and wheels xl

Crazy Christmas

It being Easter and all, gotta play Eggstravaganza


777 or lawless ladies

Wheels XL! Thanks!

I would play wild diamond miner and wheels and reels xl and Wynloch keep

Reels and wheels…both of them!

Good luck everyone!

Vintage Vegas

Blackjack and slots

Lawless Ladies

Most likely Reels and Wheels xl but would check out cyber punks jackpot and make an assessment there on whether or not to give it a go :thinking:

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777 deluxe. good game

Definatly Cyberpunks and Night with Cleo!

777 deluxe