Biggest win ever! Hit jackpot 7+ times in two days alone!

• What are your initials?

• How long have you been with us?

• What was your winning game and amount?

• Was this your first big win online?

• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings?
Giving back!


Any info about these???


Uh why is it empty

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because they are full of crap…i flagged the post earier and its being looked into!


Hey all, @Halez369 did hit the Jackpot we’ll reach out and have him update the post.

Lol says they win 7+ jackpots in 2 days? That’s what the title of their thread says.

@Derek any update on this? I’d love to hear more about someone who won 7 jackpots in 2 days. :laughing:


We’ll review this and get back to everyone here.


No kidding I’m calling bs

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Not here, but at a local Indian casino in California, I hit about 30 jackpots over like 4-5 weeks. 3 were back to back and then literally the next hit again. I have videos or pics of most of them


At what casino?.

Funny still no updates from anyone about this lol

We’ve requested the Jackpot report from our team and once received this will be posted here.

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Lol so 9 days later, we must keep waiting? :thinking:

No kidding

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Whas hilarious is they say 7+ times…lol you know right away thats sus.

I hit $8k in 2 days

I’ve hot that in a day. But this clown claims 7 jackpots where is the proof

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Nice, but this sus person is talking about jackpots :laughing:

Probably someone pissed they haven’t won anything messing with ppl

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Am I ask you a question. I used this site for first time and won a couple hundred dollars. I decided to get my winnings by check by courier. Just wanted to know if this site is legitimate and experience you have had with it. Ty so much for your time.

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