Win of a lifetime on European Roulette!

• What are your initials? SM

• How long have you been with us? Several years but more active in the last year or so.

• What was your winning game and amount? European Roulette. 6,300mbtc, a crazy amount for roulette. With Bitcoin prices, it was about $300,000 at the time. Unbelievable! I play a long shot style and kept increasing my bet concentrated on one number (12 was the hot number) until I was at the max bet and then continued to run hot. It’s still hard to believe.

• Was this your first big win online? I’ve won before but nothing close to this. This is life changing for me.

• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings? Paying off my mortgage and buying a large OLED TV. I want to give some to some family members in need and donate some to causes like climate change. Also, if I’m visiting somewhere that has one of the best restaurants in the world, I’d love to go. High quality food and dining out are the main luxuries I enjoy.


Awesome, congratulations!

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That is AWESOME. CONGRATULATIONS :champagne::balloon:

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Great to see :slight_smile: do you mind telling how you play? I’ve lost a ton playing live roulette and can’t seem to find any way to win :sleepy:

Roulette is definitely a pure luck game and I admit I’ve been pretty lucky at it (with bad streaks losing thousands of dollars too) but this win was out-of-this-world lucky. The only thing that makes a difference is playing single 0 roulette or European instead of double 0. Still, of course, the odds are always in the house’s favor just the house has half the edge in single 0 but still an edge. Some people think when a number, color, etc hasn’t come for a while, it’s due. Others think that numbers run hot and if they’ve come a lot, they’re likely to come again. Neither is true and it’s random no matter what but I’m a gambler with superstitions like most gamblers and I fall into the category of thinking numbers run hot. So, often, I like to start out with a number I like to play, usually 20. I’ll play 0.25mbtc on 20 and 0.25 on the 4 edges of 20 (total of 1.25mbtc). If I hit in the first 10 spins or so, I’ll increase to say 1mbtc on the 20 and keep the rest the same and then continue on like that. If I hit 2 or 3 times, I try to stick to an amount to cash out and commit to play just a portion of what I’ve won but, like most people, sometimes I get carried away and blow it all. If 20 doesn’t come and I see another number came twice or 3 times, I might start shifting to that number in hopes that it’s hot. In this case, 12 started looking good. I was playing on quick spin. Anyway, I worked up until I had 25mbtc straight up on 12 and then kept going till I had 25mbtc on the edges too for a max bet of 100. It was nuts. It must have come an average of every 15 spins or something like that. It came back-to-back once while I was betting on it and at least once before I started betting on it. Anyway, this is a very, very long-shot style where you’re going to lose everything at least 90% of the time but then you get a nice payout once in a while. And it’s fun cause when you get lucky and that hot number really seems like it’s hot, it’s thrilling. I said this was a once-in-a-lifetime win but really it was a once in 100 lifetimes win. I had gotten really lucky with Gold Rush Gus to start with which built up my balance. Then had a couple of roulette sessions where I won about 100mbtc. When I started the incredible session, I had 700mbtc in my balance I think. I was planning on playing a max loss of 100mbtc because I wanted to cash out some of the winnings. At a certain point in the session, I reached above 8,000mbtc, but stopped at 7,000mbtc. When I’m running hot, I definitely always try to see how far I can push it. 12 started to seem dead and I would kill myself if I lost that win. In any case, trust me, it’s a pure luck game. There’s no winning strategy. You asked how I play and that’s it but, like any style, the house has the edge and anyone is going to lose if they go on forever. You have to get lucky so only play what you can afford to lose. Good luck!


Thanks for the explanation and tip. I guess it works sometimes because you play at a high enough bet amount to make a big difference. I’ll definitely keep your strategy in mind and try it out if I can build up my bankroll ever :slight_smile:
I rarely play European Roulette but have watched this guy on twitch win a fair amount playing outside. He only plays red and since European Roulette cuts the house edge by about a percentage point, it seems to be a decent bet. He starts off betting $12 and if he wins, he’ll go up to $27 in the next bet. If he wins that, he’ll bet $72 or something like that and then just start over.
It definitely does take a ton of luck and the dealers have a big part in it as well.
I usually just stick with American Roulette because I play certain sections of the wheel and pretty much know where the numbers are located. I have no clue where the numbers are in European Roulette.
Thanks again for the explanation and Congrats again on that monumental win :slight_smile:

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Wow, you are very smart to pull out when you did. Congrats on the win, holy smokes. I assume you know how to with drawl something of that size. If not just remember that you can max each coin out in one day before you have the 3 days to wait. Thats a nice win. Congrats .

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