Too Cool For Christmas Giveaway

If you haven’t opted in, you still got time.

Opt in on this page , deposit a minimum of $10 and play any of the games.

  • $10 in cash wagered on any game equals 1 entry.
  • $10 in cash wagered from a Crypto deposit equals 3 entries.

Good luck to everyone participating

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On what games

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You can play any Casino game.

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Does this include specialty games such as Bingo and Keno?
Thank you. It does say selected games which makes it confusing and leads one to think that only certain games apply.

Hi @kman0207, we’ve escalated this concern to our Marketing Team. We’ll provide an update on this once it’s receive.

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still no word on the drawing…and havent been able to get anyone on live chat for 3 days

Is there an update?

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We reached out to our Marketing Team earlier and the draw was done and players are being contacted. Only once everyone is contacted and they provide there consent to posting there names is when we do.

hahaha…thats a first…never been contacted to use my name when ive won on a promo before. im pretty sure its in your terms and service that you can post the names if you accept entry into the promo. something seems off with this.

Anytime we have a giveaway; before posting names publicly we always contact and get consent from the winners

Did I win?!

Well I’m waiting for the call

@lisaleese we have no information on winners at this time. Once we do we will post.

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I’m waiting too! :rofl:

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We’re all waiting for that call

Just a little update on this. I have been informed that prizes have now been issued to all winners.
I’m trying to see if we can get some information to see if any winners were community members, we would obviously still have to ask permission to post their usernames if that was the case.

I won $75 from the giveaway!


lucky…i got 30 free spins…hit the bonus on the 4th spin and got capped at $10 even though the email stated $30 capp…brought it to mods attention 2 hours ago…still waiting on a response

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I got an email that says I won something but doesn’t say what and nothing has dropped into my account

We’ll double check for you now

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