Tired of losing money on slots lv

Two hundred dollars in deposits in past two days gone! And I also claimed both croutons club bonus lost those too!!Not including all the other deposits prior to those that I lost! Couldn’t play long enough to even enjoy the games. It’s not enjoyable, fun or entertaining anymore! Just giving out donations! Feel
Like I’m paying slots lv to play their games for free since I’m getting NOTHING out of it! And from what I’ve been reading on the forum a lot of players feel
Like they’re just being robbed too! Wayyyy past tired of it!


Have you considered trying your luck with various slot games? Or perhaps setting a budget?

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Yeah it’s crazy I spend well over 3000$ and ain’t win nothing then when I figure out the puzzle and start winning the game log me out it start spinning weird all kinds of nonsense instead of letting me win like wtf!!!

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Yeah that’s wayyyyy too much money to be losing! I been there though lost that much and more! But for what it’s worth I hope you get some luck soon! I’m
losing repeatedly as we speak! Need some luck myself! Thinking it’s because I keep playing the same game that’s only because that’s the game I’ve won the most money and most times on. Doesn’t make a difference though because when I do switch up and play different games I do even worse! It’s getting harder and harder to win anything on here!