RNG and Keno … anyone?

Does anyone have any insight on how KENO machines function? Like slots I believe RNG decides outcome at start and the display is just to coincide with the decision that has already been made Is keno similar? Meaning is the machine literally random 1-80 until the number of balls have been called? Or is it predetermined “This is a 3 out of 6 number winner…” then proceed to display a screen that, like slots. Coincides with the decision?


It uses the RNG system too.

Ahh so contrary to belief. Patterns and lucky numbers are only for our own psyche ?

I thought that RNG means that it’s literally random! Meaning any combination of winnings can come out at any given moment without the games being manipulated. If that’s the case I disagree. I whole heartedly believe the games are pre set/predetermined. I often go back to my regular game if I’m not having any luck on other games and I’ve noticed that no matter how many times that I deposit on my regular game and increase my bet or decrease my bet the same winning amount comes out over and over again. As if the game is already pre set to only pay out a certain amount! It’s not a coincidence! Not when it happens countless times!