Reward points and free spins

@moderators please help. I haven’t received my weekly reward points or free spins for several deposits. Can someone look into this? Thank you.

Can you please provide specific deposits and dates that you didn’t receive these? On quick review we’re seeing that these have been added for most of your deposits. The points were also added last week manually for you.

Thanks for the reply. They added 2 of my free spins this am. I am still missing one. I deposited on 6/6 6/8 6/11 and 6/12. Only received free spins for 3 deposits. I also don’t see where the 7500 points were ever added. Thank you.

I haven’t received any free spins for my super crypto deposit …

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These have been added for you now.

@Alexander my points or spins haven’t been added yet for this week either


@spowell There are no deposits this week as of yet to be eligible.

Oh! I did the deposit yesterday. Well, that was a giant waste then.

I deposited earlier today too and no spins., to be honest I’m getting pretty tired of these lv casino sites between these bonuses that they promote not working or getting applied and then never winning anymore makes me just not want to gamble online anymore. I get that the house always wins… but when me and almost all my friends have had the same happen wherebwe won right when we made our account and then just not even a half decent win to get excited about after that… really is making me question the legitimacy of these sites. Like how do we all get luck right away? Then no luck for me and my 13 friends. Has anyone tried that wild casino site? I hate to switch when I’ve talked so highly of this site to my friends. But if one of us doesn’t catch a break and I don’t see a Screencast of one of us winning in our group chat soon, then i will have to try another site.

Get me my deposit free spins too, it’s only been 5 hours , if you say free spins we better get those spins!

Spins can take up to 24 hours after the deposit is made to be added to your account.
We cannot add them before this timeframe is expired.

I believe I am owed a few days worth of free spins

@Nwliv88 You can use them now

I believe I missed a couple points I’m pretty sure I got most my free spins … but if u can check anyways . Thanks mainly points I believe I didn’t get all the time

Points are issued once per week, not per deposit as are the spins.