Post your Winning Screenshots!

Hey everyone,

We’re creating a thread here to post or talk about any of your Wins big or small on the Forum. Post your screenshots or anything else relevant to some Wins you’ve had in the past.

We look forward to hearing from you!


was a good day


What game is that, and how much did you win?



Don’t have any screenshots cause I never remember to when I hit nice wins. But I do have the story of my last 36 hours. Started with a $100 deposit, and I believe the 200% bonus. Went to “live” Blackjack (even though not currently live) Lost the $100, and decided to hit some slots. Well hit the luck, and was able to make the bonus turn into withdrawable, was at about $4000, so I tried to be smart, submitted $2000 for withdrawal and went back to playing. Reached a high of about $12000, and then like I usually do, my bets were big and my luck went south. I shoulda lowered my bets, but next thing I know is, I am canceling the withdrawal and then sadly, it was gone too. But it’s all part of the game, and there is always tomorrow!


What slots were u playing and what size bets got you your biggest wins

When i play slots, i prefer the 10x and 5x three reel.Also like 21 Wilds. Most Ive ever hit on one spin was about 1200. I believe it was on the 10X. Dont remember what i was wagering though’

But it always seem, if i increase the bet itll go a nnice long dry streak. and it may be all in my head, but it seems like if u wager 2 coins instead of three it does better


I typically play no less than $40 a spin and have played as high as $200 a spin. This particular win was on May 2020… playing $40 a spin, not during a bonus around on Caesars Victory.


Damn, would be nice to be able to play that high lol

That’s one of my best. I did hit three red 7s back to back on the 5x multiplier yesterday. Sadly it was on a $0.06 bet


That was and awesome day for me i ended up cashing out 3500…Only deposited 33bucks no bonus boost.



Hi Chapman I’ve been there to many times. What slots did you have the most luck at.

Well these were all yesterday


Has anyone ever hit one of the Jackpots?


That’s great! Nice win! I was playing the triple 7’s at $100 and got 3 of them in one bonus round, won 75k bucks! I don’t play high at $100 or more unless I am up really up on my wins.


I too do that! Last monday I hit 20k, put a withdrawal in… then cancelled it and played it out. Then 3 days later… I hit another big round… put in 1k, got it up to 22k, and then played it out… :sob:

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Lol that happens, of course I don’t play as high as you do. It seems like I bust with anything over 10buck bet