New Years Day Free Giveaway

We would like to wish everyone a happy new year and to bring in the new year we’re going to do a $50 giveaway.

Reply below with your favorite 2021 memory or even just a 2022 new years resolution and you’ll be entered into the draw for tomorrow.


Happy New Year!

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My favorite 2021 memory:

Being in the middle of something at work when I got a call from my fiancé. Texted her that I was busy and asked what was up. She responded with a picture of a positive pregnancy test! Little one on the way, March 2022!

Edit: just looked at my screenshot of this text exchange. It was actually two positive pregnancy tests lol.


My favorite 2021 Memory is finding out in March that I was airdropped 400 Uni tokens, @ about $30 eeach. It had dropped like 6 months prior , i just had no idea until March. I paid off somme debts bought an occulus and other things , Great surprise!

And my Most Irritating moment, was 30minutes ago. I was excited cause I got 40 free spins on Chillin Penguin, 39 spins were losers, and 1 won me a whopping 20 cents! Then I accidently spun after my free spins were over, and lost of course. so i got zero…


My 2022 New Years resolution is to quit smoking hopefully


This 2022 I will hit Jackpot! :money_mouth_face:

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My granddaughter being born December 16 for 2022 for all my family and friends to have a Prosperous and Healthy 2022!! Happy New Years everyone


I won $6.89! I’m rich!

My New Year’s resolution is toTry and enjoy every moment of my life and not take anything for granted

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We decided to draw 3 winners. Congratulations to @lisaleese @Nessag @OnionBlue

But we appreciate everyone participating so we added a little something for you too