New slot: Bloodline

When I logged in almost an hr ago I seen the new slot was posted but then it went away…what’s up with that?

Bloodlines is available here

This link was for desktop btw!

This has been happening for a few months now, everytime a new game is released, it takes days, sometimes weeks after we can see it to actually access it. I keep getting these errors.

It happened on Olympus, Rumple Thrill Spins, and a few of the other recently released games. I can access those fine now, but initially there’s a glitch.

Clicking the link above takes me to a blank screen.

Is this happening now?

I’ve tried Bloodlines now and its loading fine.

Yeah I was sent a link and new slot isn’t there

When I click on that I get ….

Can you access the game simply by clicking on it?

Nothing just stays white

It’s not even in my options as an available game

use the search function

I’m on it right now.

I seen it last night probably around 11:30pm then Idid all my deposit stuff go back to play the game and it disappeared

Did that too

I don’t know if there was something happened last night, but since I tested it early in response to this post it’s fine.

I just logged into again and searched

I also didn’t receive my free spins or reward points yet but that’s another topic

Cleared my cache and stuff…still nothing…it’s weird that you’re seeing it no problem