Never has customer service been so rude and condescending

For all the times i have spoken to Customer Service in chat… today has been the worst!!! They are so condescending and smug … and they even went to lengths of sending me a link to the terms of the free spins your suppose to get. Honestly if theybwould take their head out of their behinds and actually READ the terms… they would see how wrong and egotistical they act because they think you dont know what the hell your talking about. This isnt my first rodeo. I didnt get to diamond because ive only played a few times. When i tell you you guys owe me a set of spins… because i made two qualifying deposits in one day… dont tell me its only once a day and i dont know what im talking about. Theres even messages from support in my inbox stating the terms of the free spins and explaning it. Ive had my share of know it alls on chat… but today … wow… i think im gonna go play at ignition or cafe… because obviouslyyou guys shitty reps who wont even hear you out.


I’m sorry to hear about your experience. If you could provide the details of the conversation so I can locate it on your account I’ll follow-up the agent accordingly.