Mythic Wolf win

I have to admit. I include myself in the batch of players who question slot rtp %, votality and algorithms. Its easy to feel slighted when the losing streaks overshadow the rare wins and cashouts.

After spending almost $600 in btc deposits through the week, some with bonus and playthrough requirements- I was ready to curse slots lv and throw in the towel. Enough is enough.

Finally, the slots Gods felt pity and graced me a win of over $1400 on a random wolf win jackpot. ($1 bet) Not a huge windfall, but desperately needed none the less.

Does this make up for the cycle of money lost? Hell no, thats behind me and long gone. Did I cash out, despite greed and run? Thankfully, yes. Did slots lv pay in less than an hour with the bitcoin option? Yes, they did.

Look, slots are chance; like cards, scratchers, lotto…either luck is with you or not. Ive seen some of the slots lv moderators get verbally beat. Losing is brutal…losing a weeks pay or bill money is painful (I’ve done it myself) and its easy to blame the slots, moderators, gameplay, rtp, lags, ect. However, we all make choices, right? I dare to say quite a few of us are diehards at worst, blindly depositing and chasing lost money. Obviously, the key is knowing your limits, when to walk away, or take a small win, cash out and try again later. Im not preaching…I’ve lost well more than I’ll ever recoup from casinos. But, the occasional win does bring me back, maybe lightning will strike twice, right? Its all psychological and Casinos obviously know this. When the casinos stop being entertaining or fun, when gambling causes more frustration and monetary loss than you can afford…its best to rethink a strategy, or maybe just take a break. I speak for myself as well. I send you all well wishes and luck out there.

As for the slots lv moderators, you have an awfully tough job. I emphasize for you, you cant please em all. Thanks for being the mediators at times and for what you do.



@Paulrc7786 very well said and congrats!