May 6th - 19th Progressive Jackpot and Big Wins

Only two lucky winners, hope we see more big wins and progressive wins for next week reports.

Progressive Jackpots
Game Instant Inferno
Bet Amount USD 15.00
Date and Time 05/14/2024011:03 PM
Win Amount USD 75,025.00 Big Win
Game Golden Buffalo Hot Drop Jackpots
Bet Amount USD 4.00
Date and Time 05/18/2024 6:55 AM
Win Amount USD 448,927.4511

Congrats to the lucky winners.


$448,000 on a $4 bet? While thats awesome news for the player is that why whenever Ive played the bonuses I get pay about 5x the bet on average? Ive been noticing on some games they have crazy high jackpots like this, and i cant help but think the game could be better if the money got spread around more. Almost 1,000 players could each get a $500 jackpot rather than give it all to a single player. It seems like it would be much better that way, lately ive hardly gotten a bonus and worse still the majority of them are pitifully small, to the point that its taken the fun out of playing.

While we understand how distributing winnings across multiple accounts would help to ensure that everyone remains entertained, we have no way of controlling when the jackpot pays out. Sorry.