HUGE WIN! I’m in shock

Never won such a huge amount before. Thought about giving up but made another effort. Not to mention this is a bonus rollover so I guess you can say it’s possible to win the rollovers!!! I grinded it out and jumped around from different slots. Don’t know what I’ll do with my winnings but I’ll be back for sure! I’ll also let you all know about the withdrawal process.


Congrats, nice one! :star_struck:



Thank you so much!

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very nice… congrats

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Yes would love to know the whole withdrawal process for such a huge win I know they cap at $2500 per type of payment method but definitely huge congrats :tada:

Thats dope. Im waiting for myy big win. :grin:


May i borrow your problem for about…ooooh…15 minutes? Lol Awesome win! Good stuff!

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Lol :joy: word!

Congrats my friend…

FYI it’s capped at $2,500 per withdrawl method. So for example you can do 2500 BTC, after that processes you can do 2500 BCH, 2500 LTC so on and so forth.