Hot drop hourly win!

• What are your initials? AM

• How long have you been with us? This was my first deposit on but I’ve played for 3-4 years on your sister sites

• What was your winning game and amount? I was playing the new hot drops game, Golden Savanna, at 80 cents a bet, and the hourly JP was $1570.86.

• Was this your first big win online? First Jackpot yes

• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings? A new sectional couch


Sheesh thanks for all the love slots community :joy: came back on here bc I didn’t want to be rude and not reply to anyone like I’ve seen on other posts where people post their wins and then go silent. I’ll just pat myself on the back and carry on. :crazy_face: Good luck y’all! :four_leaf_clover: :slot_machine:


Congratulations on your big win! I don’t even recall seeing this post. Did you get your new sectional yet?

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@adeleislove congrats! :star_struck:

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Thanks for the love :heart: I like never win anything so it was nice. And NO! :expressionless: literally was ON MY WAY to go pay for the one i fell in love with ($1299 but after taxes, delivery and warranty it was $1738 :frowning_with_open_mouth: but I was gonna spend the extra and spoil myself bc I just ended about ten years of intermittent homelessness, the last 6 years straight and have a beautiful condo!!!) and I shit you not my car breaks down on the way there. :sob::sob::sob: Ya can’t make this shit up.

I have a 2020 Kia Optima that’s like MY BABY and was my home on wheels for some time on nights I couldn’t afford a hotel, and I was the victim of the f$%£ing Kia Boys thefts (if you don’t know about it, Google/YT, it’s CRAZY), and they attempted to steal my car in June 2022, but something scared them off RIGHT before they were about to leave with it, but they smashed my back window out and destroyed my
Ignition and stole my wallet that i stupidly left in my center counsel with a decent amount of cash. And the cops told me to get it out of there ASAP and make sure the shop I take it to keeps it inside bc it was a hot target and the thief’s would be looking for it to finish the job.

So I take it to RussDarrow kia here in Madison and they promise me it’ll be kept inside. Well, they didn’t. And i get a call letting me know my car was stolen off their lot and it was taken off roading and all over Madison, but they found it and it was on the way back to the shop and then they called and said there was TONS more than the $1400 initial damage.

Their manager would NOT call me back. Their insurance wouldn’t cover it, bc they said my keys were locked up (even though they’d already had cars stolen off their lot the week prior and KNEW this was a huge issue going on and knew my car was a hot target and i have texts saying it would be kept inside), and my insurance wouldn’t pay for it bc they said it was Russ Darrows problem. I finally went to the news and that’s when the GM finally called me (this is 4 months later and my car sat outside with a piece of plastic falling off the window so it was open to the sun, the rain, bugs, whatever else all summer long) and after several phone calls the best they would do is cover the rest of the damage which was $11k if i paid the initial $1400 I’d agreed to for the initial damages before it was stolen. Mind you I’m already in so deep on paying for rentals, (nope they wouldn’t even give me a loaner) like this whole ordeal SUNK me financially as I was trying to climb out of a hole already.

FF to now; My worst fear was that they were gonna do a band aid Ass job and in a few months everything was gonna come undone. Bingo. That’s exactly what’s happening. So all my winnings and then some are going into fixing my car.

That’s a whole lot of info that you didn’t ask for. :joy::joy: i needed to vent I guess!!! If anyone’s reading this and has any experience in suing a corporate company and a car dealership (I’d like to sue Kia as well as RussDarrow) please send me a DM. I know i have a solid case, I just don’t know how to go about it.

So yeah! That’s pretty much been my whole life. A shit ton of bad luck, but I just keep on going! All ya can do! If anyone actually reads this, thanks for taking the time to read! Sorry for the novel. Good luck playing! :slot_machine: :four_leaf_clover:


Wow … this happened in Madison? I live about 10 miles east. I have a pitbull attorney in Madison that’s the best. I think he semi-retired but I’ll DM you his name.

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