Got me again a penny really

Well I took the advice with a different bitcoin and this time I was only a penny away but still no bonus I really feel like I am being played not me playing

so it deposited $9.99?

Yeah so I thought once again I had done it right

Daily crypto double up and the only thing doubled up is my deposit

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Well instead of trying to cut it so close , why dont ya put ike $15 $20 in

I put 15 on the bitcoin site but I didn’t want to lose all my money

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I’ve had that happen to me a whole bunch of times…usually when i was trying to deposit $30 to qualify for the weekly 15k points and 25 spins deal. There could be some small unforseen fee with your bitcoin wallet (like on coinbase sending 30 bucks I think they hit you for a fee of like 10 or 15 cents…cash app you pay a small fee purchasing the BTC and a somewhat larger fee sending it, unless you want to go for the super slow option. 24h is free, 2 hours is like 50c plus a tiny variable cost based on quantity being being sent. I’m an inpatient f@%+÷%r so I always cough up the $1 + small per unit cost to do the fastest (10min or less) option.

Then there is the possibility that the price of BTC could fluctuate a tiny bit while your transaction is being completed. Rates are guaranteed for certain amounts of time in some cases, but its only for so long, and if you’re cutting it that close, it only takes the smallest of changes in BTC price to possibly knock you out of the price range to qualify for your bonus.

Moral of the story is, like our other friend said a few posts prior to this, leave yourself a cushion. If you’re trying to deposit $10, you probably don’t need to make that $15 or 20…as long as you’ve you’ve taken into account the major fees involved, $11 or even 10.50 should be fine.

But make sure you have it covered, because it my extensive experience making the same mistake you did, not once did the customer service folks take pity on me and let me have the bonus…despite the fact that like you, I was just a few cents short.

I hope this has been informative my friend.

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Always round up on bt . The market can change in a second. So if .0007965 is what your need just do .0008 and be af few cents over if your able to send a dollar amount from your wallet do like 50.01. I have had to contact support to have a bonus loaded when it does that to me.

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And dont use