Freeze up on blackjack

I play a lot of blackjack and on double deck it will freeze after I double down more then twice in a row. It dosent do this on other blackjack games but I’ve notice it’s doing it on the one I was winning on all the time. Anybodyelse notice this too. Seems very weird and there’s nothing wrong with my device.

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Works fine on all other games Samuel. Only the one blackjack game that I have been playing for longtime now. Won’t let me double down more then 2 times in a row, never use to do that. Very strange

@Littlewing69 We’ll send you a PM shortly for more information.

It does this to me on my scatters and bonus round on my fav slots that I used to win on

It does it to me all the time i play alot of blackjack myself and when u split cards it freeezes and when the dealer has blavkjack and you buy insurance it will freeze up also when yoh start winnig too much it will freeze it like resets itself and you better be carefull when it does cause it will beat you to death …they say its random i dont believe that at all there is no way it deals me 13 14 15 16 every time and it gets 20 or 21and you cant hit cause you will bust but if the dealer has to hit best believe when its second card flips it is gonna total 10 or 11i feel like a fool for trying to play a computer but i lov e blackjack wish yall would stop cheatn really makes me mad makes me want to go postal on yall