Five times Vegas slot payout info

Like this it only gave me 90 cents on a 2x 3x 5x

90 cents is the correct payout for this.

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How when a 2x a grape and a 5x is like over a dollar

It’s your bet amount which is 3 x2 x3 x5 = 90

Or even a 773x is 4.50

. I do not see how all three multiplayers are only 90 cents

The multipliers act as a wild if you have another symbol, if you do not have another symbol they multiply the wager amount.
Unless of course you have 3 the same.

So what you have there is 3x 50 x3 = $4.50 (3 sevens with the 3x multiplier)

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Why isnt it .09x2(.18) x3(.54)x5=$2.70?

.3 cents a line three lines in total would be 9 cents a bet should be $1.35

It’s 3 cents per line, 9 cents total bet.