Empire empire needs to get fixed

Files are too big to send

Is this the only game you are having this issue with? I’ve tested it on desktop and phone without any problem at all.

Yes sent email but from benhitzemann@icloud.com


ok i’ll take a look, I’ll also message Nat to test it too

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I am play on a iPhone but just got the app yesterday let me know if I need to resend the email

What app are you referring to? (Nat also tested it without issue)

Google chrome

and its ok on a browser?

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No problems on any other games either

The only thing I can suggest is to clear the data, and let us know if it does it again. We have both tested it without any issues. It might be the google app you are using even. Try it on a browser to see if that’s the same.

It still didn’t work so vip players get get birthday bonuses

Are you still getting the same error when trying the game on a Browser?

Here at Slots.lv, we don’t offer Birthday Bonuses.

I’ve had the same issue in the past when playing on my phone in portrait mode. If I turn my phone and play in landscape, there is no issue.

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I could get it to change to the right amount doing that but have to switch it every spin

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Same here for me. Balance stays stagnant.

Hi everyone,

If you are having an issue while playing, kindly take a screenshot and send it to us via PM. In addition, please provide the time, date and the risk amount you were betting at the time you had the issue.

I forgot to look which game the free spins were on before I claimed then is it reels xl?

That’s correct!

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