Easter spins - 5 times vegas

Got a note saying i got the 5 times vegas spins, but its not letting me.

@backwoodsraider you will have to redeem them from your bonus page

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Have the spins been awarded yet?

Winners have been messaged with the spin details

@Derek appreciate the info. and happy i won something for a change :slight_smile:


Darn it! Congratulations to the winners!

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Yeah I haven’t seen any bonuses in a while and I am pretty sure that I didn’t get any type of credit for the five deposits for the Easter giveaway either

Winners will have been messaged for the Easter spins

How do I claim the free spins? I received a message about winning, there is nothing on my bonus page. Thanks

@Triplem99 These should be available on the game now.

I received a messages that I was rewarded these free spins but they are not on my bonus page and not in the game

Hi @Pandi8788 these should now be available on the game.

I haven’t received anything in my account for the free spins. I deposited $46.5 yesterday

@Littlemoney did you receive notification that you had them?

I am not receiving my mail from slots. I’ve checked my spam and mail and nothing from slots

Then i’m afraid you wouldn’t have been eligible as i’m seeing no note on your account either.

I made the deposit yesterday and I am eligible. I chose to opt in

I think we may have some crossed wires here!
Where di you opt in? What were the spins for?

Ah ok, this is a competition after the draw is made winners will be notified, not all players will receive the spins.