Caesars Victory $4k Jackpot

• What are your initials? MGT

• How long have you been with us? About 2 years

• What was your winning game and amount? Caesars Victory- ~$4,000. (I was so pumped I forgot to screenshot it. I’m pretty sure I only bet $0.40!

• Was this your first big win online? Yeah.

• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings? With a perfect blend of good and bad choices lol;)


Oh man I’m so happy for you!! Hell yes! Congratulations. I love your answer to how you will spend it. LMAO


Hey, we’ll I guess I’m the one your looking for. I would appreciate some help

I just won $391.50 with 12 free spins on Reels vs Wheels XL on a $2 spin but the games don’t allow me to take screenshots anymore because of a security policy. Is anyone else getting that same error?



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I havent tried lately but I will soon…so on movil phone no screenshot allowed?

Right, no screenshots on cellphones.

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Not surprising…they did that to prevent disputes Im guessing.