Bitcoin Cash Fork

On November 11th, Bitcoin Cash will be temporarily removed as a payment method in anticipation of a new hard fork happening on November 15th.

What exactly is a Hard Fork?

A hard fork means that the BCH network will be split into two chains, with each following their own protocol. As a side effect of the split, these new chains will not have ‘replay protection’ meaning that transactions are prone to replication and fraudulent ‘replay attacks.’

The BCH network will need time to settle and reach consensus. As soon as this happens, you’ll be notified through your account that BCH is once again available on site.

What Do I Need to Know?

  • Your account and any prior deposits made with BCH are safe.
  • Any pending withdrawal requests that remain in the system after the removal of the option will be processed and sent.
  • If you currently hold any BCH funds, we strongly recommend NOT performing any transactions with BCH at least one day before the hard fork (Nov. 15th) and until the network settles.
  • Until the network settles, keep your BCH in your wallet where you control your private keys (backed up with a 12 or 24 word mnemonic phrase)

How can I fund my account?

To guarantee you don’t miss out on any adventures at, we’d recommend using Bitcoin (BTC) until BCH is available again.

For another great option check out our Player Transfer method or visit the Forum and see it in action in the Marketplace.

For any further updates, or to see what others are saying about the fork, please check this thread.