Big Winner Survey

• What are your initials? CM

• How long have you been with us? 2 years

• What was your winning game and amount? Crazy Camel Cash $20,000

• Was this your first big win online? No

• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings? Buy a new handbag



20k on Arabian Nights and 20 minutes later 40k on Wins and Reels XL.

I wouldnt gamble anywhere else. Not even their sister sites. Sometimes I lose a few bucks gambling here. Sure. offsers something though that I haven’t found anywhere but here: Balance. I never feel like I have a long losing streak here. I won some cash in August, December , January and now here in March. Balance. I enjoy playing the games here. Knowing that they balance things here aka not cheating their customers - playing the games for me is actually just an enjoyable activity. I don’t even think about the money I could be winning or that I lost. I actually just enjoy playing the games. Pay outs here are fast. Like I said I can’t say enough good things about

Not sure what Im going to spend the money on. I’m super considering forgoing anything for me and just going to a dealership getting what my wife really wants and when she gets home one day a new car is sitting for her in the driveway.

Thanks again guys…


Wow. I play this as a pleasure. But last night I hit over 80k in 10x Las Vegas. Just bought s new homes so there it all goes. I love slots lv


How much were u betting

At that time $9

2 years
Keno Draw 6/6 $10 bet $20k
I’ve hit a few big ones live and online this was was nice :slight_smile:

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JLD. I just won $ 244,444 on triple 7 in the new jackpot Drop . It was my second jackpot I won here. I won 12,000 on XL around February. I have been playing here for about 2 years.I am paying off my house and taking my kids shopping. Thank you Slots Lv

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How much were u betting to win drop jackpot

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Congratulations. How much were you betting to win the hotdrop jackpot?