BIG WIN Withdraw

• What are your initials?

• How long have you been with us?
3+ years

• What was your winning game and amount?

• Was this your first big win online?
Yes in my life time

• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings?
pay off loan


How we will withdraw all big amounts in one stretch?

@vengambler congrats on the win, very nice one!

I’m afraid there are limits on every withdrawal methods, the amount is quite substantial to take out in one go.

Congratulations! Would you mind sharing what game you were playing and bet amount?

If you use all crypto methods you should be able to withdraw $12.5k in one day

Thank you! I play Roulette and bet level depends on the patterns. Pure LUCK!!!

Yes using cyrpto only. But $12.4k for 3 days.


You won the 80k on roulette?

Yes but lost more than double that amount!!! 200k++
Please let me know if you deposit amount I can send player to player and you can zelle or venmo or paypal me.

That’s what host team suggested use player to player option if I know any trustworthy!