A little hope maybe?

What is the longest you have gone without a win? I have had a pretty bad stretch but am hopeful it’s just temporary.

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I’ve had months go by with nothing hitting but I’ve also had days of continuous big wins , just gotta be playing at the right time when it seems like everything hitting & take advantage of it

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I try to keep that in mind, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have been on a horrible stretch. What games do you play

The ones I used to win on were Reels and Wheels XL, 10xVegas, 777, and Cleopatras Coins.

How about you?

Sorry, it’s discouraging for sure. I was laid off work recently and could desperately use a big win.

I’m Reels XL, Cleo, and Buffalo, but reels XL has let me down ALOT lately. I have so many screenshots of huge wins but absolutely nothing for the past month and half. Sorry to hear about your job

Thanks, hanging there. Hopefully I will find something soon. Yeah, Reels switched up :pleading_face:

And then they got tighter with the rewards. I always looked so forward to those.

Yes back when it was 15k rewards points and 25 spins @.50 each. Free Friday Folly was my favorite but we aren’t allowed to ask for anything anymore otherwise they will make you feel like a criminal

I did get the daily twice thought awhile back so that was exciting. Not huge amounts but so cool.

The daily? Or hourly ?