777 live blackjack jackpot

So today at 2:27pm i Was playing live blackjack and I place the $1 sidebet for 777 jackpot. My first two cards were sevens And the screen flashed a message saying I had now have the chance to win the jackpot. If I hit another 7 I clicked hit, I hit another 7 but it didn’t pay me off the jackpot. It only paid me a $100. I asked the dealer what happened and he said something about it being a mini Jack pot, but I have never heard of different size jackpots for that specific side. I thought it was pretty straight forward if you get 3 sevens, you win the jackpot.

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Hi @Mizzo2693,

We are very sorry to learn of the issues you experienced. This has escalated and we would have to wait for the team to review this. Once it has been reviewed, we will have you updated.


Whatever happened here

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