$3 Bets - GONE!?!

We’ll just another one of this and sister sites demise. They’ve gotten rid of $1 denominations and changed it so now you can’t bet $3 now it’s only $2 or $5 on many of my favorite slots.

All of these sites have been completely ruined, they must be broke and trying to recoup losses.

This would be down to the providers of the games, and recent updates.

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I highly doubt that why would basically every game that’s on your site from all different providers now jump from $2 bet to $5 and $10 and so on increments. If anything you guys cooperated with them to do this. Why would the provider care if we bet $1, 2, 3 or 4 dollar increments? Seems to me you don’t want a middle ground for your valued players and want them to either bet less or more than they can or want to afford so they either win less or lose their balances quicker.

Plus this happened after your site updates not provider updates.

You all have ruined this site so bad and it’s really a shame. And it’s all the other sister sites as well. The bet denominations being taken away, the Rival games being changed, the lack of any decent deposit bonuses. I mean what you all have done these past couple of months when people like me deposit close to 100k is insane and you’ve lost most if not all of my business. Instead of depositing 4-6 times a week, you’ll be lucky if I deposit one time every month now.

Best of luck, hope you all change back but that’s a pipe dream. Time to move on

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