You can win 5 X's Vegas 9 cents spins

For all the people complaining about the 9 cents spins …Just saying that yesterday on the free spins for 5 X’s Vegas on 9 cents a spin I won $37 on one 9 cents spin. X5x5 and a 7. Should have screenshot it but after thought was too late. Pretty much every time I have played the 50 free I have gotten to the max cash out. I don’t usually cash out that small but either way it’s possible.

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So i play that alot. .09 will hit, but then nothing else. leave that game, restart it, nothing big. go to a dif game, nothing big. at least in my experience.

move up the chain, .3, .9, 1.5 etc, and its less and less. April, it was hitting good on $9, and up. then it died

Quick question.
So if you play it and win 30 bucks and then finish.
Then go play another game with the money it is still only 40 bucks cashout ?

You can’t go to another game because its free spins on a specific game.

Meant after you are done with free spins, take your winnings and go to a dif game

Yes after your done the free spins

The maximum cashout only applies to the free spins.

So after your done then the 40 cash out doesn’t apply if you go to another game ?

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The 40 cashout is the max amount you can get from your free spins. If you hit big on first spin, for 40, then the free spins are over


The money from free spins is yours, free & clear. I think that’s what you’re asking.

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$40 max is only during the initial frees spins. Once free spins are completed/over, you can take whatever you won, and play it on any game, with no further limitations on winnings.


Thx guys appreciate it

How long did it take for you to get the free spins? I’ve made a few qualifying deposits since opting in on the 5th, but only received 50 spins total. Still haven’t seen the 7500 reward points…

I’ve only played it with the “free” plays. 50 free spins netted me $6.27

Yes you can. I won $125 dollars on the respins betting only 9 cents. I got 10x 10x 7s.