Why havent i received cash back in like a year?

I was wondering why i dont get cash back bonuses any more its been like a year, ive asked before ive been told different reasons for example " cash backs are randomly drawn" or " withdrawals too high" well thats fine but others ive presented the gaming site to literally get cash back every week and thats how it used to be for me. I love slots.lv because the games are fun and ive had huge wins but ever since someone “abused” my referral link i feel like ive been blocked from weekly cash back. Im a loyal player here. And i want to ask How do i get the cash back incentive back?

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I’m having the same problem, they took my cash back and on top of that I haven’t been able to win in past 4 months and I deposit a little over $2000 ever month

Ever since that hour/daily/super jackpot was added i feel the loss ratio has gone up, it could be that im just not playing the right games at the right times, i won some pretty decent money but also lost some pretty decent money since that feature was added. Ehh and im still a sucker for slots.lv lol i guess its because ive had my biggest wins here

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I’m afraid neither of you are eligible for the cashback perk,

Y’all withdrawals are higher than deposits…