Where is the customer appreciation and loyalty

I’ve been a customer for years spent thousands of dollars today I asked for a measly deposit bonus didn’t ask for free cash and got denied at any real wind casino I’d be getting comped left and right after all the site problems you would think you would want to keep your customers honestly this place should be embarrassed


We will be happy to provide some account figures and a reason why you were declined by CS if you wish to PM us.

I agree I haven’t won nothing and don’t get any spins bonuses when I play the slots. And the only bonuses I get in my que is Bitcoin I don’t do Bitcoin only when I do get to cash out anything which has been a longggggg time. But yeah you would think they would comp more to the ones they put a lot of money in this site. I know I go to the real casinos all the time and I get nice gifts money all week free food yeah this site don’t give out nothing compared to a lot of other online games

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No need I think I know when I’m losing lol

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I’m fed up along with majority of players on this site. Read all forum
Post majority isn’t positive

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Please refrain from posting specific names or references to third party websites.

Not website I’m even talking about

You have withdrawn more then you deposited in the last week, month, year, etc. Adding extra bonuses/comps outside of any ongoing program we have just isn’t something typically done in those situations. additional comps are usually reserved for those that may need the extra funds for play

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I can confirm by experience that what Derek is saying is true. I also understand what you are saying Mike but I have come to the conclusion that while plenty of other sites do give more comps it is in my experience that’s it’s because their players do not win as much. Often I have noticed that at first I will win after signing up but then with continued deposits and along with their comps I just don’t ever win. Here i have won and lost consistently throughout my time here.

So if im understanding this correctly. If you withdrew more than deposited. The slots are programmed to keep us losing til were in the negative? Seems like it and That would make sense tho. No bonuses too until were in the negative. Seems like its going to be a bad year. Going to find an alternative. Bye.


I agree this is mind blowing.

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What gets me is how there isn’t much in the big winner section either

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The OP of this thread has actually withdrew far more then they’ve ever deposited

What’s an OP?

What’s with that Derek every time I contact customer service they denied me for free non deposit or exceptional chip? Its been like that for over 3 months now

It would be the Original Poster so the person that started the thread

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No more deposito from me that’s it. The site is no good

Can you clarify what isn’t good? I see you’ve withdrawn more this last month then you’ve deposited.

Thats not gonna happen amigo!