Where are all the bonuses?

I have been scared to deposit with all the site issues going on and now it seems like you guys took away all the bonuses. What is happening to this site. This used to be my favorite place to gamble. Now I’m concerned that y’all are going down hill and fast. And I was promised inconvenience bonuses that I haven’t received. I did receive one a while back. What’s going on. Can I trust slots anymore?

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I believe this was handled by CS

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Still not getting much back at all for my deposits or loyalty why not

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I haven’t received any bonuses this week, or more compensation for money list while site was down.


@Carlita1 You have not made a deposit this week.

I was awarded 50 free spins with Fast & Sexy. The game only played 10 spins & won a little money & then Froze. When I was able to return back to the game the rest of my free spins. & money are gone. I wasn’t even able to finish playing the rest of my spins & money I won is also gone.

so my friend received an “end of the month freebie 20 free spins on Fast & Sexy, I ve made a few deposits this month so I was checking on the status of my free spins?!

Wow that’s messed up, wow but you got 50 free spins how do they figure how many spins are issued since I only received 20