Timeout errors

What is with the timeouts? It takes the wager everytime and doesn’t complete the spin. There is no one answering the support chat.


Same here so annoying, every game I try to play


This is currently being addressed.

It’s still happening

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We are aware of this on certain games.

Same issue and when I came back in all my money was gone very upset about this!

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Note that this shouldn’t affect payouts, the games are still working it just disconnects you on a small number of games which are being fixed We do of course apologize for the errors and lack of entertainment value for the visual spins, but the system is still calculating these.

Is anyone having issues with Thundercrash? Not loading

Had this issue for awhile. The support was like “ it’s working fine…” after keeping in waiting in that chat que for 30 mins.

This site In General has been awful lately.

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Hey i haven’t been able to play thundercrash for 4 or 5 days now. It will not load. I did all the troubleshooting. I’m playing on my mobile device as i always have.

Are you still having this issue? Can you please post a screenshot of what you are seeing.

It started working today. Thanks