Slots have error message

Having problems loading games. Super frustrating! Anyone else having same problem? Teady to change casino’s. Cant win anything lately. Tired of sumping money here.

Note that these are 2 separate issues as any error messages wouldn’t affect payouts. Can you clarify what these error messages are? Can you perhaps provide a screenshot?

Yep me too

This is what I keep getting. I’ve cleared my cache, restarted my phone, tried on Wifi and 5g same error


This is what I get when I choose practice play

Just to clarify this is every game?

I don’t seem to have any issues on my end, and there’s still no reports of common issues. Can you advise the games you’ve tried to join?

Eggstravaganza, 7’s and Bars, Red, White, and Bleu

Getting the same error are certain games. Notice is all the 3 reel slots.

Hey guys, I’ve just come on shift so I’m not sure if there were any previous issues here.
I have however just tested all the games that have been mentioned, and can see no issues.
Let us know if anyone is still having problems.

Yes Sir still having the same issue today

On which games? can you do a screenshot please so we can check.

Did this yesteday…

Is it still doing this today?

Since last night, several games are not loading. I get a server error. Anyone else experiencing this?
I’ve tried:
Cat Kingdom
Gold Rush
Diamonds and Cherries
All give the same error.
Some games load fine, and I’ve been able to play, but just wondering if it’s just me or if this is site wide with certain games.

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I’ll be escalating this now, hopefully we’ll have a response within 24 hours.

Can the players above provide the following when possible: (Send through PM if private information)

Browser(s) used:
Operating System (OS):
Internet Service Provider (ISP):
Have you done the following:
• Clear cache and cookies:
• Try another browser:
• Used Google Chrome in Incognito Mode

It works in Chrome. But this is the message I got before I entered the casino.

Is everyone just having the issue on Safari?