Received emails

I get your email promotions delivered to my email. I try and open and read every single promotional offer you send me. Nothing I’ve seen yet to make me say to myself WOW KICK ASS! I’m optimistic what the future might bring.


Thank you for your feedback in relation to the promotion email received we’ll forward your feedback over.

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I have recieved a few emails from, most of which have been slots of the week emails, but every now and then there is a survey with a bonus prize usually awarded to those who participate . I highly recommend that send out these surveys with higher frequency. Another suggestion is to send out lengthier, more n depth, more detailed surveys with bigger bonuses attached.
I also believe that I speak for every member of when I suggest that send more emails with free spins, and that means WEEKLY, if not DAILY. I regularly get emails from other casinos , with free spins or free chips, and then geuss what I do. I open those emails, I play those bonuses, and I am then exponentially more likely to deposit money at those casinos than if had recieved bo emails from them, or emails that just described a slot of the week indepth.


Welcome to the forum, and thanks for your feedback.