Points & FS with deposits over $20 Yes or no?

Do we get them or not! It’s not that I’ve ever won much from them if any but it sit seem to extend play a bit longer! Now after years of playing on Slots lv I have become confused I the bonus exists of not!

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Welcome to the Forum. The spins are still valid but they can take up to 24 hours.

im way past hour 24 im closer to hour 41 of not recieving them if someone can look into this for me

We’ll PM you.

@Alexander I am missing some as well.

I’m just confused from my understanding it was $30 and not $20. Please confirm on the real amount

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There’s two different crypto programs. The old one requires $30 and gets 25 spins and 15000 pts. The new one requires $20 and gets 50 spins and 7500 pts (plus more spins each day with daily $20 deposit and other stuff)

What tha
Damn never knew thought it always stayed at $30 and here they’ve been telling me that I haven’t received anything because of deposits not over $30

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Yeah you must be in the old program. I don’t believe you have an option anymore, but the mods can clarify that. They can also check and confirm for you which program you are currently in.

Everyone is missing their bonuses I am as well and get excuses

Can you clarify what bonus you are missing and we can take a look for you.

I am missing months and mo tha worth of bitcoin bonuses. This site has gone to trash. We do not receive any I ce tubes or bonuses anymore. Why should we stay here? Where is my bonus?

Can you advise what bonus you are missing and we can take a look for you.

@Alexander 9/5 or 9/4 deposit

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I’ve been waiting on my free spins and bonus points for something like 4 days now :weary:

Your last qualifying deposit was on Saturday 3rd and you did receive the spins, and your points were added on the 29th (these are weekly)

Who you talking to?

I was responding to your comment