Need help... is getting aggravating

Is this correct., It’s happened TWICE!!

That looks like a nice hit for 1.50 spin. I sincerely hope it’s not a “graphical error “

The second screenshot is a correct payout, but the first one doesn’t look to be.
Can you confirm date and approximate time of this so we can try to locate the spin.

November 5,2022 5:16am

The only gameplay I can see on the 5th Nov was on Reels and Wheels XL.
I’m not actually seeing any gameplay on 5 Times Vegas since the 1st Nov.

I stopped playing that game because of this same situation! Idc what anyone else thinks, but its absolutely ridiculous that getting all 3 slots filled with different multipliers ends up paying less than if you had just gotten 2 bells and 1 5x multiplier!

Its utterly ridiculous

The multipliers are wilds, so if you have another symbol then it will multiply by that.
So 2x 5x bell would give you 3 bells in effect.
If there are no other symbols then there is nothing to multiply by apart from the actual line stake, which it does.

BUT, i believe that we all can agree that the payouts for each of these items are simply based on how likely it is to hit that particular item? So, the cherries are the easiest to hit, so these will payout the least, correct? Just like getting all 3 slots filled with the 5x multipliers are the hardest to get, so they payput the most, correct?

So, with that understanding, getting 2 bells and 1 5x multipliers is ridiculously easier to get than getting all 3 slots filled with different multipliers only. So, why should anyone expect that the 4th hardest item to get will for some reason, pay less out than all items except the 3 bottom items with 1 5x multiplier?

I would have to say that getting a bell and a 2 multipliers is more difficult than getting 3 multipliers.
I think 3 multipliers would be down the bottom of the difficult to hit list due to their payout (unless you hit 3 the same of course)

Oh without a doubt…this isn’t the case here. Ive received multiple spins where ive received 2 multipliers and a bell. Actually, you can picl any of thw regular items all the way up to even the 7 item, and its way easier to get 2 multipliers and any item over getting 3 different multipliers!

I have literally thousands of spins on that game before i ever received 3 multipliers together.

So am I going to get credit for that?

Please refer to this post, as we aren’t able to match up this screenshot to any gameplay and the session date you provided doesn’t match up apparently.

Wow seriously??

It had to be from November 1st to yesterday

On November 1st you played a total of 3 spins on 5 times vegas, and they were 0.09 spins, not $1.50 spins

It’s pretty common to get a row of different multipliers in 5x Vegas