Missing Bitcoin Progressive Bonus Spins

Hi, I made a qualifying Bitcoin deposit with a Bitcoin Progressive Deposit Bonus attached and while I did receive the 250% deposit match and the 20,000 points, the 40 spins of $1 each on CyberPunk are not available in my account. Will a Mod please help me out with this? Thank you

Screenshot of bonus prior to claiming it

Nicholas, thank you for the patience. Your issue is already escalated and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Apparently they aren’t giving free spins anymore I’ve gotten every excuse in the book as to why I didn’t get mine 3 days ago smh

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Yeah so today I was awarded 40 free $1 spins on 777 deluxe, I think as a replacement for the BTC progressive spins that were missing. I claimed them and guess what, they don’t work either. Ridiculous

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@Nickac They are showing as active on this end, can you try to logout and clear cache and cookies to see if they show on the game.

Tried all those things and nothing working

And @Nickac don’t forget their refer a friend bonus while your waiting. You can see the great service that is now offered here at slots

Can we try one last thing @Nickac, try logging out of the device you used to activate them, and use a different one to attempt to use them. This tends to help reset them.

Just tried that Alexander…no luck. Also tried clearing cache and cookies on both devices. No luck there either

Appreciate all the help trying to figure this out

@Nickac sorry for your bad experience! Already escalated !

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I’ve so had this happen before! And it is maddening! The only other thing, besides everything the mods already said, that has worked for me in the past is switching browsers. I’m typically using Safari. When I’ve had free spins that didn’t start after redeeming them, I’ll switch to chrome, and they’ll start up. Oh also, if you are able to change the bet amount in the game, you might try changing it to the lowest amount. Sometimes that’ll trigger the free spins too. :woman_shrugging:t4:

Ok so now I was able to access the free spins, 40 on Fairy, they were supposed to be for $1 each and they are only for .20 each

I don’t know if I should play the .20 spins I already activated

This is beyond ridiculous at this point

Have you gone into the game and seen the spins being set at .20? Because the description says the value per spin is $1.00. So maybe a typo?

Yes it set at .20 in game and is no typo, is supposed to be $1/spin