Missing 50 spins 5x vegas

i could be wrong but i feel like i am owed the 50 spins on vegas thing at least once possibly twice but def at least once. noone would respond in chat i apologize in advance for being annoying


Yeah, a lot of times the spins dont come and you have to ask for them…Your not be annoying, this is their job! @moderators

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@Alexander @Nick @Rose please kindly add my free spins!

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Hi, you will receive free spins after 24 hours of the qualifying deposit.

I think it was handled in the chat.

Everyone is suppose to receive fifty spins on 5 times vegas for each qualifying deposit … on the first day… you are suppose to receive 50 3× and after that it is once a day for 4 additional days. A total of 350. The customer service reps cant read. And dont know their policy… its in the terms and conditions. But they will fight you tooth and nail and say its one set a day… if they could read english and open the same terms and condition link they send you to prove you wrong… they would see THEY are wrong.