Lagging - Server Issues

Pretty sad how much the games lag. On a gameplay website, you’d think that this issue would be the #1 priority. Which is making me start to feel like the lagging is being done on purpose. Every time a slot starts to seem to be heating up, it freezes or lags. If this issue can’t be resolved, I will be looking for another place to play. Sucks to say, but I play a lot on here (more than I’d like to admit), but this one problem takes all of the entertainment out of it all. My wife and I played Geisha all the time, and stopped playing that because of the issue. Our new game is Whale o’ Winnings, and at this point we are just ready to throw in the towel :v:t4:


Note that while we of course understand the frustration with this, we’ve had no recent reporting of an issue with this, and so this is likely isolated. This is usually an issue with connections or latency which can be caused by many factors. This doesn’t necessarily entail that the issue is on our end.

You can of course usually mitigate this by doing things like clearing your cache regularly, ensuring you have a strong connection and using an up to date device, but ultimately things like this are always a possibility. When we have major issues that are on our end they are usually reported and cause a large number of cases all at once. There has been no dip in gameplay reported over the last few hours.

Looking through the forum, seems like other people have had issues also.

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Perhaps we’re not using the correct terminology when talking to customer service about the issue we have. This was sent out on June 10,2022 to us and recently the experience has been the same as it then…even way before June 10th had it started. I was made out to be a player bonus fishing for asking for compensation or an inconvenience bonus.

:woman_facepalming: then a month later that message was sent out.