Instant Inferno Bonus

Quick question, when you proc the bonus on Instant Inferno and you get to select the amount of free spins, is that predetermined or are you actually affecting the outcome with your choices?

In any game you would be affecting the game with your choices.

And here the whole time I was thinking it was predetermined. Now I can get mad at myself when I proc those 7x spins.
Good to know though, ty for the quick response!

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It’s not true. You’re choices have no affect on the outcome. Once you hit the bonus it is already pre-determined, the “choice” is for entertainment purposes only. That has been explained for years by mods on other sites. Unless they completely changed in the past 6 months.

You would effect the game if you were selecting the amount of free spins you took, as likely they would all have different outcomes, but you are correct that once the spin button is pressed the outcome would already be determined.