I feel I've missed alot of bonuses

I don’t think I’ve received my free spins nor 15000 reward points on my last 3 or even possibly 4 deposits. Could I get this checked out please? I’ve sent in for chat help so many times now and It never gets through. Thanks.


Also don’t think I’ve ever received cash back…

I just lost 3000 and I have 2$ in rewards points makes no sense you would think they would be less stingy after they rob u

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@I_Y_MF_B_J welcome to the forum.
Cashback is only available for certain accounts, so I’m afraid you wouldn’t be eligible for this perk.
With regard to the reward points and free spins, these are available once per week but you will need to deposit a minimum of $30 in a single transaction to be eligible. The week runs from Monday to Sunday.

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Thanks didn’t know about the $30 minimum I thought there was just the $20 dollar to get the %250 bonus. Tyvm.


I have the same exact problem it just took 20 dollars of my money and shut down and now I have nothing but I have been telling them chatting every time I play I am really sick of just giving my money

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@AmySue9696 i see that the $20 was issued by CS for you.

I haven’t received weekly bonuses I get on Monday

These should be issued now.

Still nothing

@Mike730 what bonus is it you’re missing?

250 % I get every Monday morning and whatever other weekly ones. Even my daily ones show up when they want

I see the daily offers have been added, we will check on the 250% and circle back to you.

This has now been escalated to marketing and we are awaiting a response.

I had the same problem and went back through my emails sent screen shot and still nothing feeling like trying some of these other sites

Hi @AmySue9696,

Which Bonuses are you missing please?

I am missing a 100 percent bitcoin deposit of 20 dollars and 20 free spins on diamond miner because of a few cents

We sent you a PM about this yesterday

What’s a pm and I don’t understand

A personal message