Games hanging up

It could quite literally say “Server Error”, “500”, or “404” and it’s somehow the client’s fault…


lol how about “system error not due to cache” and they would still say clear our cache lo

It was doing it for me last weekend. I ran a trace and saw there was a delay out in california, looked like the next hop was overseas or to a new york area overseas pipe. but my guess is that is was causing mine. of course, if their servers are not overseas then not sure what it was. .02

Yes my last free spins got suck than just gave any amount than suckn reload n game smh loss for the glitch n the system

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Handled via PM

@Iamthelight7 You played the spins on the 28th

? I did? Why did I get the text nessage tho? So confused lol

Yes you already played them.