End of month freebie

Since when did the end of the month freebie come with a 35x rollover requirement. My $4 winnings came with a $145 in rollover. Seems like a bit much. Maybe 1x or 5x is reasonable.

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End of the month freebie ? What’s that ? I’ve been playing on here for a year and half and have never got that .


Did anyone get end of month free spins yet for nov.?

Curious cause a sister site handed them out a week ago so been waiting patiently @moderators any help on this please

What spins is it you are waiting for? And please be advised that different websites do have different promotions.

End of the month freebie spins.

Where are you seeing this advertised?

Got them last month here email from last nonth

This is from October?

Did you receive an email in November?

Yes thats oct. Nope on nov. Thats y i asking if they were out yet or what the deal was for this site

I wasn’t aware of any free spins this month.

I was shocked when i got them last month. Never get anything like this from this site. Was hoping for a miracle again i guess got my hopes up.

If you didn’t receive an email then I guess they are not available.

So, we aren’t getting the end of the month free spins this month, just wondering. Hopefully, we do. Not giving us the spins, that we are used at the end of every month, would be like me telling my teenager I had to cancel our vacation.

As mentioned above if they are issued it would be through email it seems. This is discretionary if sent to your email and not something we can guarantee if it not posted onsite.

@moderators i also have been receiving end of the month free spins every month until November.

Hi @amorris1k, as mentioned above once this is going to be issued you will receive a notification via email /account messages it’s not guaranteed.